How creating .tdm file from .img


I have dowloaded the map of Spain and I would like to open it in qlandkarte GT (I am a Linux user). The problem is that in the downloaded .zip file, there are only the .img files related to the tiles of the map. I have read that to use them in qlandkarte I need a .tdm file. I installed mkgmap, but I cannot understand how using it,also reading the wiki (sorry!!!).
Please could you help me explaining the procedure step by step?

Thank you very much

I haven’t heard heard of any .tdm file before. Do you mean .tdb file? The .tdb file is included in the file.

I also don’t have any problems using the map in QlandkarteGT as it is.

Yes, sorry, you are right, i was referring to the .tdb files.
The problem is that no .tdb file is inside the downloaded

And what do you mean with “I don’t have any problem using the map in qlandkartegt as iti is” ? Do you mean that you do not need the .tdb?

I downloaded an file and the .tdb file was included. Perhaps something went wrong with your map. Do you have the link to the download page for your map?

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Here it is

In any case I have used this command in Windows

java -jar mkgmap.jar --tdbfile *.img

and I could generate the .tdb file. Is it the same command also in Linux?

maybe for the most of you is obvious, but for me it has been not so easy to be understood :roll_eyes:
The command in Linux (I use Ubuntu dis.) is the following one:

mkgmap --tdbfile *.img

Note that the .tdb and .img (as in Windows) are created in the directory from which you launch mkgmap. The name of these two files is *****000.tdb and *****000.img