How can I use OSM in my mac


Can I use OSM on my mac laptop? or even Windows?
If not, how can I use OSM to retrieve streets’ names in a particular city?

I am beginner, so any information would be useful for me.

Thank you,

welcome :slight_smile:
Here is the openstreetmap wiki with links to browse the map and beginners guides to improve the map

and here is a list of some relevant queries for ‘getting a list of city streets’ from our help site is an easy way to create a map with a list of streets
Here is one I did earlier

Thank you for the information
It really really helpful

Thank you again

I have another question please,

Is there any chance to retrieve the streets’ names with their abbreviations? For example, st, dr, ave … and so on?

If possible please inform me.

The street abbreviations are not used in OSM.
If you get a street list in text you could do a search and replace.