How can i update correct address information of a building?

The kindergarden called “Bråvannsåsen Barnehage” in Kristiansand, Norway has the address Bråvannsåsen 5. I have tried using the editor to give it the correct address, but it gets reverted by “addr2osm”:

How can we make the changes stick?

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I pinged bot author at Unclear how to handle bad data added by bot, reverting correct one · Issue #3 · NKAmapper/addr2osm · GitHub

EDIT: Fortunately I was wrong! Crossing wrong part.

Import/Catalogue/Address import for Norway - OpenStreetMap Wiki is missing this info, admits that there are mistakes in data, does not make clear that import will be repeated and does not provide info how to handle mistakes in data and protect correct edit by being reverted by the bot.

Not sure is it mistake of this page and has mentioned discussion concluded that bot should be rerun, not only run once. And whether it is intended to overwrite manual edits

The address is already on a separate node in the middle of the building. That address is correct. Addresses in Norway are put on separate nodes in accordance with the Norwegian community in OSM. If you want to have the address on the building as well, just add a note=* tag containing the word “addr”.

The comments from @Mateusz_Konieczny are not correct. All of this is described in the wiki.


If you want to have the address on the building as well, just add a note=* tag containing the word “addr”.

this is completely strange and unfortunate, addresses are tagged with formalized tags, putting information about them in freeform generic tags makes it unnecessarily hard to retrieve and parse the information

I think you misunderstood. The addr: tags are still the usual ones. No problems in parsing or retrieving.

Seen contact:street , :city, :housenumber, :postcode to get around country rules that addresses, speak addr:* tags, not tagged on buildings, only on nodes. Variations of free floating nodes, an apartment block with 155 of these on top to get into the ahum department, addresses on the entrance gates or where the bell is and on the outer wall closest to the physical location where the entrance doors are. There’s ways to get things in and remain ‘ligit’.

oh right, so address was in Node: 3097750070 | OpenStreetMap and present there already, so bot removed it

I think that you can add regular address AND note containing “addr” to keep bot from deleting it

Sorry, I missed it.

The important part is

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maybe I misunderstood, what I got was that you add a floating node somewhere with the address data, and if I want to know for a building which address it has I will have to parse “note” tags, or rely to “nearby heuristics”, is this wrong?

If a user wants to opt out of the normal way to map addresses in Norway and instead have the address on the building or on something else, he/she may copy the addr tags to the building and add a note. The addr tags on the building will then be left as is in the future.

Addresses in Norway are, unlike some other countries, not associated with a building. There are often many addresses in one building. Also, one address may represent several buildings, or none at all. Several years of optimization have led to the strategy which the community is using now.