How can I see history of major relation?

I am trying to debug Relation removal? · Issue #5243 · streetcomplete/StreetComplete · GitHub involving

Is there some way to see its history, especially membership of ways in it over time?

Does this help? OSM History Browser

A couple of other options: (which shows graphics for ways, which would have been useful here) and (no graphics, but a few other links).

Another option. which will work if there aren’t too many revisions, is

SomeoneElse: “Another option. which will work if there aren’t too many revisions, is

I agree, this was my favorite tool for such a work.

After a period of time the service was down for a while. Fortunately then there was a kind of switch from close source to open source code, but unfortunately the color scheme still has a minor bug, see issue:

If a one of the software developers could have an eye on it to fix it - i would appreciate it :slight_smile:

FWIW This query shows for each
relation version the number of loose ends at the creation date.

However, I suggest to uncomment line 3 to look only at what happened in
2023 because this reduces the runtime from several minutes in a couple
of seconds. For reference

for (t["created"])
   retro (_.val)
     make info

Please note that subsequent edits to the ways can change that number
without generating a new version. The data model update is designed to
tackle that problem, although only for ways first, because for relations
it may have unwanted downsides.

Afterwards, the query

out meta;

shows that no edits to ways only are responsible, and that the changes
to the relation itself in version 494 itself have created the dangling ends.