How can I search for churches tagged with denominaiton=protestant ?

Everything is in the title : How can I search for churches tagged with denominaiton=protestant ? Is there such a feature in OSM ?

Amazing, thank you !!

And a different solution is to use OpenPoiMap, which gives you a bit more control over what you want to do once you found what you want - Like editing the POI or have direct links to a great number of links in the OSM-wiki. E.g. if you click on the blue colored denomination, it will open the wiki page for that key.

Pleas note that OpenPoiMap also uses overpass as it’s main search engine, but is (on purpose) limited to smaller areas.
If you want to search the whole planet for denomination=protestant, than you should definitely use overpass.

Very useful website marczoutendijk!

Do I always need to enter the name of the city (“Lausanne” in this case) in which the search will be performed?

No, you can move the map to whatever place you like and then fill out the search field (or use the preselected items from the menu at the right). But the search field is an easy way to get you quickly to the place you want to search.
In short: OpenPoiMap searches in the area that is visible onscreen. If that area is too large, you’ll get a warning and have to zoom in.
But be sure to read the wiki:

Thank you for the detailed reply.

If I have any further questions about the website, can I open a new topic, in here on OpenStreetMap forum?
Or do I need to contact you by email?

You can post a new topic here, but I do not read this forum as often as I read the forum for my own country.
Hence, if you want a quick reply, it is always best to send me a message on my OSM account:
Or click on the e-mail button left in this screen below my name.

Thank you once again marczoutendijk.