How can I rename my business

Hi guys,

customers who use Snapchat told me about my business being not appropriately listed on OSM. I run a nightclub called EventWerk OBK in Engelskirchen, Germany, but on OSM it doesn’t show up because the business of the previous owner is still listed there, called Nachtengel. I took over in March and renamed it to EventWerk OBK.

I tried submitting my business info, but nothing has happened. How can I change the business name? It’s located at “Im Krümmel 39, 51766 Germany”

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Hi and welcome to OSM and the forum!
When you search for "Im Krümmel 39, 51766 Germany " on the website you get to the wanted point.
Now, click on “Bearbeiten” and modify the information for the node
Finally, safe the data. You may want to add more information like opening hours or contact info…
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You can also ask in the german forum if you need more help.

Incidentally, although one talks about Points of Interest, if, as in this case, the pub building has already been mapped and named, that should be tagged as the amenity, and the point removed, or just left as an anonymous point on the outline.

Even better, as it looks like this pub might have a garden, is to map the whole garden area as the amenity, and to carry the name, and to remove the name from the building.

Also, if this is a night club (i.e.a a place for dancing) amenity=pub needs to be changed to amenity=nightclub

Thank you very much guys! I was able to edit it.