How can I remove own Mapillary images?

I uploaded a large range of images to Mapillary. I tried not to upload ones with people from nearby, but I missed a few. How can I delete/hide those images in an easy way?

Click on the edit button under the picture, and then you enter this screen:

You can choose to hide (=delete) the image, or blur certain parts like faces.
You can also hide the whole sequence of images it belongs to.

Ноw I can find all my downloaded sequences ?
Is there anywhere a list of all my sequences?

Maybe here?

It works only if I am wowik :slight_smile:

How can I show the whole sequence after that?

Dont know, if they are hidden they might be deleted permanently from the server?

I was hoping to be able to see an entire uploaded batch at once, not one sequence. As the pictures were taken at many different places I got very many sequences.

If you hide images, they are not deleted form the server, but hidden from public view.

What is constituting an upload batch for you, Jan? A manual upload batch or images close in time?


Hi Peter,

A manual batch upload. I had some 6000 images collected over a period of 14 months and covering a distance between the Netherlands and South Africa.



How I can delete one photo from my sequence from upploaded video on new web UI?