How can I map farmland efficiently?

Usually we just create an area with JOSM or id but it’s incredibly inefficient. When working in GIMP you can just select an area and it’s super smart in selecting it. Can this currently be done in osm? Just a fuzzy select tool and then maybe move the points a little bit if they are off.

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Aside from how you map it, I’d personally not map it until all the other detail is in - things like hedges, streams, gates, paths and tracks etc.

When someone wants to map those, it’ll be much harder for someone to add (say) the hedges either side of a small ditch if some mismapped farmland is in there first.

With a decent OSM editor you can surely follow other features easily too? In Potlatch the “f” key does this; I’m sure that other OSM editors have similar features. However, while attaching landuse to hedges seems OK, attaching landuse to roads is surely wrong - the farmland does not extend to the centreline of the road.


In JOSM too… F follows the current way and will stop when some intersection is met.


@SomeoneElse I’m still new and exploring all the ways of mapping so thanks for the input! “f” is the same in id as well.Your input does not contradict a “fuzzy select” tool for osm. If it would just detect the basic shape based on the color/ contrast of the satellite image it would help a lot, imo.

On second thoughts if you still need to put each corner to the right spot, you don’t save anything because you still need to move the mouse there anyway.

On id, you can press “w” such that the thickness of the lines become very thin, in my (short) experience it doesn’t matter if something is already mapped or not.