How can I list admin_level=4 areas of a specific country? Or find why supposedly admin_level=4 of another country is in it? AKA, why Poland conquered Belarus

I wanted to list admin_level=4 administrative areas of Poland.

['ISO3166-1'='PL'] -> .parent_area;
out tags;

used to work, but now it lists for example

Overpass Turbo reports that its area database is massively outdated (969 days replication lag), so maybe it is not even OSM data issue.

How can I list admin_level=4 areas of a specific country? Preferably using pure OSM data?

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Depending on your country, you may get some good results by checking the relation tags only:

out geom;

Obviously, the results you’re gettings are mainly due to the outdated areas. If you calculcate areas on the fly (not support on the main instance), the result looks as expected:

An mentioned elsewhere already, outdated areas are an operational issue that can only be fixed by the operator of an instance.

Do you know whether/where issues can be reported?

I looked at Overpass API - OpenStreetMap Wiki and and help menu in Overpass Turbo and found nothing useful

Last one has

overpass turbo is maintained by Martin Raifer (tyr.asd at

but I think it refers to Overpass Turbo code, not to this specific instance.

It’s probably one of the best hidden pages on the wiki: Overpass API/status - OpenStreetMap Wiki

As it’s already been reported quite a while ago, my suggestion would be to send an email to @drolbr now.

Areas are up-to-date again, and your query shows the expected results on the main instance again now.