How can i give pop up menu in OSM

Hi, i am new to OSM and i did not have much idea about it. i am using OSM and it is displaying properly in my swing desktop application. Now i need to display some pop up menu’s(info window) above OSM. Is it possible? Do i have to register my map location in OSM. I have no idea please give me some suggestion. Any help from you will highly be appreciated.

please give me some suggestion as i am stuck here and i am still searching in google but no any sign of success.


First of all, tell us a bit more about your application: How do you display OSM data or a map so far? By tiles or vector data? What framework or programming language are you using exactly?

Then have a look at the extensive OSM wiki. Are there some apps or map displays that come near your aims?

Thank you for your reply. Actually i am using a desktop application using java swing and using eclipse IDE. I have displayed the OSM in a JPanel which is in a JFrame. Now i need to display some pop up menus above OSM. I don’t know how to proceed. Please give some suggestion.