How can i find the creator of a path?

Atm i am making a routing app on OSM data. I plan routes over this data. Problem is that it routes over a way that exist in OSM but do not seem to exist in the real world.
I know the way id of the weird way, but how do i find the creator, so i can check with him what the idea is behind this way?

I can see changes in that same area, but there are many and none seem to be releated to the way i am interested in. Is there a way to find the creator of a way if you know the way id? That would be much faster than scrolling through the history of some bounding box.


You can check the creator (and all modifications) of any object by looking at the object’s history, e.g. for this way with id 1234:


I got all the information i needed this way.

Is there a way to reach this page from inside Potlach 2?

In Potlatch 2, select the way, then switch to the advanced tab. At the top of the tab, it will say something like “Way: 1234” (where 1234 is the way ID).
If you click on that, it will open the details page for the way in your browser. That page has a link for view history, if you want to see the previous versions.