how can i draw a layer over some streets ?

what i want:
over the osm to draw a layer of lines, lines that would reflect a track of mine.

what have i done so far:

  1. i tried reading the documentation for openlayers, and i found json and an example of how to do that ( on )
  2. i tried implementing it to my website, and no success. the map from osm appears, but the new layer with some lines does not.

i only want to draw lines ( maybe lines that connect each other ) and points, all based only on coordinates.

if anyone have done this and is willing to help, i would be very gladfull.


Lambertus described his marvelous routing app on openstreetmap data recently. It seems to do exacatly what you want. Since Lambertus stood on shoulders of giants to create that I’m sure he is fine with you copying that code. I think he will be extatic even… :wink:

See it here: