how can I download open street maps around the Mont Blanc - France

Greetings from Belgium.

I am a paraglider and I would like to go fly in the Mont Blanc area. Not the mountain itself - too dangerous for me.
I use a garmin GPSmap62s when I fly and now need to install the map around the Mont Blanc.
But when I visited the website :
I could only request the full map of France, which I did and I received a mail and the status of my request is
“The delay is approximately 38.3 days” …
and by that time I’ll be back in Belgium.

But I also found an old map on my desktop named : “gmapsupp … france.img” size :1.700.000 kB
which I could use but there is another problem : I can no longer put an SD card in my GPSmap62.
So I have only very limited free space in the main memory for the Mont Blanc map.

Now my questions are the following :

-can I somewhere find, on short delay, a map (.img file) of only the area around the Mont Blanc (as small as possible)
-or can I split (probably in Basecamp) the 1.6 GB map that I have in smaller pieces suitable for my reduced memory ?

And finally : I would prefer a map for walking and biking, because if I have to land “in the wild” motorways are not of interest but I look for large open spaces (meadows etc…).

Thanks in advance for any help

Try you can select your own area also in .img format (Garmin OSM utf8)
The download from every Saturday is the map from the Tuesday before.

Thks very much fr yr prompt reaction.
Look very good - I may have enough with maybe 5 mb
But I need to practice a littel more.

But do I understand that, as we are wednesday, the map will only be available next saturday plus one week ?
Thks once more and greetings.

The topo data available via OSM sites is largely SRTM and likely unreliable in very mountainous areas, so be very careful with respect to that.

IGN, the French national mapping agency now has opened up a great deal of their data (although I’m not sure exactly what): their may be various data which is suitable for your needs as well.

Yes, but most other service update there map only ones a month,so BBbike isn’t to bad. :slight_smile:

Thks very much for both reactions and plse apologize for my late reaction … just too busy…
I succeeded in downloading from bbbike, without any delay, a map in Haute Savoie :
size : abt 55.000 kb
If I remember well abt 11 square km
And I have succesfully installed it on my Garmin GPSMap 62S but I would like to install it on Basecamp or even Mapsource so that I could put my waypoints : start, landing, camperplace etc.
But I remember, from earlier occasions, that this is very complex.
Would somebody a good helplink, if possible with as little new apps … I have enough of these allready in my desktop…
Thks once more for help.

Did you try the first result in Google?

Thank you very much. I have tried with maps/ install maps but that is for installing on my gps, which I already did with file manager … and that works well, but doesn’t install the map in basecamp.
But can anybody tell me how I can convert an .img file to a .kmz file or one of the other formats accepted by the “import to” and I hope I can also import into the maps and not just into my collections.

But I am already very happy I have the map on my GPS.

Thks once more.


You can try this:

Don’t bother trying to convert your img’s into kmz, it does not make any sense.
Better connect your gps to your computer and open Basecamp, it will read the maps from your device.
Or try this tool:
Or install my Alps map, it is not meant for automobile routing but for cycling & hiking, and maybe also suitable for paragliding?

Thanks for both reactions.
Indeed my little “Haute Savoie” map is available in Basecamp.
I didn’t remark that yet …stoepid !