How can I download an edited map?

When I edit a map, changing the background to stamen terrain, I cannot export it (when I press export, the map changes back to the original background), and I cannot share. How can I keep the new background and still be able to download the file?

This doesn’t make sense for OSM itself, so I think you must be talking about something like Garmin maps, for which there is a specific sub-forum. Otherwise, you are going to have to tell us what tools and web sites you are using.

Hi and Welcome to OpenStreetMap.

Regarding your edits, I see you’ve added two nodes, possibly to edit two features, (but those nodes are not actually joined to the features). One node is tagged as leisure=park, that tag is meant to describe an area so, for this reason, it’s not rendered. The other node is only tagged name=AIGI, a node tagged with a name only is considered an incomplete object and therefore not rendered. This would explain why your edits do not appear on any map, and possibly is the reason for your export problem.

I would respectfully suggest starting with a beginners guide and also look at how features similar to which you wish to add/edit are tagged.

The background imagery is not part of the map it is just provided as a mapping aid within the editor. If you use something like JOSM, your choices may be saved locally, but I don’t think iD can do that.

Also, looking at the existing map, it seems to me that there is already an appropriate leisure=* tag covering the area in question, and it seems unlikely that the immediate vicinity of your leisure=park node is going to be significantly more park-like than the nature-reserve character of the general area.

Also, as well as the point already made about not having a name tag without also having a “main” tag, AIGI appears to be in the wrong alphabet for an area which uses the Greek alphabet.

I think you may have been doing some personal mapping. There is only one OSM map, and any change you make to it affects all users. If you want to record, for example, details of your personal holiday, consider using