How can I determine the currency of OSM data on Lambertus' server?

I download my Garmin compatible maps from Lambertus at (Btw, thank you very much to Lambertus for the fine and valuable service.) I am a frequent contributor of OSM map data and work pretty steadily at it, these days mostly in Thailand. That means I download new maps for Thailand frequently. I would like to know if there is a way to determine before I download whether the Thailand tiles have been updated since the last time I got them.

Sometimes changes take a while to percolate down to the downloadable file and sometimes it happens fairly quickly. Rather than wasting valuable server resources, I’d like to be able to tell if a download is worth getting. I’ve fiddled a bit with making my own maps using mkgmap but it’s a tedious procedure, especially if you want a properly rendered map with correct city names, etc…

The answer is probably in this forum somewhere but my search has turned up nothing so far.

Thanks for your help.

Oops, I think I just answered my own question.

The img files comprising the Thailand country map set are listed at the left of the Lambertus homepage. Their URLs show the file date of the folder containing the img file. I’m assuming this date corresponds to the age of the image.

Is this correct?

It is the same date as the one mentioned just below the map, so I guess it is correct… :wink:

Yes, the date in the url to the images and below the map is the date at which the map update process is started (it takes about two days before the update becomes available online). First thing in a map update process is to update the local copy of the OSM planet with all available daily changesets, so it should contain all changes in OSM up to the present day.

I hope the description above is clear :roll_eyes:

Yes it is. Thanks very much.