How can I change the name of a city?

How can I change the name of a city? When I zoom out I can see the name of the city but not the point. When I zoom in to be able to edit I can’t see the city name anymore and don’t know where to click on to edit the name.

Problem with Casteddu/Cagliari.

The name is only Cagliari.

Hi Ivolino,

what you see is probably not the name of the city, it’s an administrative border on admin_level 6.
Casteddu seems to be the local sardinian name, Cagliari the official italian.
All names of administrative borders (relations) are that way in this region.

Administrative borders are also visible in higher zoom levels. On lower zoom levels they disappear.

You should’nt change this names if you don’t know what you’re doing!

If you use the OSM website and iD it helps to search the place name in the search box on the left hand side and select the appropriate feature in the results list. It then gets highlighted on the map and if you zoom in to an appropriate level and then hit the edit button the feature is already pre-selected in iD.

The history of the name can be seen here:

There was an edit war for a time, but eventually the “Casteddu/Cagliari” name stuck. Different communities worldwide use different ways of communicating “two official names, both in use locally”. Personally I’m not a fan of “slash city” names, preferring to go for “the one that is most used locally”, but I’m not part of the Italian or Sardinian OSM community and so would respect their choice with regard to local names.

If you want to find out more about where the discussion mentioned in took place I’d suggest contacting the mapper of that changeset via a changeset discussion comment, or one of the other mappers who changed the name in .

However, as already pointed, out, as a newbie, you should not be changing the names of such major features. There should be some Italian OSM mailing list, and if you feel the name is wrong, you should raise it there. I’d start with The rules for how to name features in bilingual areas can vary from country to country. This feature already has SC and IT language variants, as well as many others.

Note that it is admin level 8, and as such, is effectively the name of the city.

Also, I think you will find that none of the in browser editors are particularly good at handling relations.

The tag name:it value is only Cagliari, so you should choose “it” as your prefered language in the software that is rendering the data.