How best to update or add map data to an existing osm server.

I am using ubuntu 18.04 and have a setup of osm server. I deployed this following the tutorial from switch2osm

I started with a small map of Ontario Canada. Now I want to add more location. I used osm2pgsql to add more data to the database (I added Michigan) . After adding the data I regenerated the style.xml (was not sure if I needed to do this or not) but I don’t see the maps I added later when I try to display it with leaflet.

I couldn’t find any tutorial how to add new location which was not added during the first deployment so I am trying to figure this out.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?


There are a couple of things probably worth mentioning here.

One is that appending a large amount of data to an existing database is probably going to be slower than merging your new data with a new download of your original area, and reloading that in one go.

The other thing is that you’ll already have tiles for the “previously empty” areas that you’ve just appended, so you may want to think about how you want to make sure that you regenerate tiles in those areas. One option is to delete all previously generated tiles, but that’s a bit drastic.

The map style .xml is dependent on the map style files, not the data, so you don’t need to regenerate that if you reload data.