How are SVGs rendered when exported?

I’ve read here that Mapnik and Osmarender can produce SVGs. Looking into the Wiki showed . How are they rendered? Which language? Where do I find the sources?


Mapnik uses Cairo or AGG for rendering (I guess one can choose) [1]. Both are able to handle the same functions with another output (PNG, SVG, PDF, …)
Osmarender uses XSLT. Therefore the OSM-XML is directly transoformed into an SVG (which ist XML as well). After that Tiles@Home (which produces the osmarender-layer) uses Inkscape [2] for rendering PNG-tiles out of the SVGs.


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Thanks. Therefore not much help for the Html Editor.


Probably OpenLayers can help here:
As far as I know a Vector Layer in OpenLayers is embedded SVG as well. It can get its data directly from osm-files, geojson, and a couple of other formats and has options for styling, mouse events and so on.

EDIT: Look at this example:
it retrieves its data from a (in this case cached) osm-file, and on click it also displays the tags of the element. As the tags are saved in variables it shouldn’t be any problem to fill text-input-fields with it.


as far as I know, Merkaartor and also do some rendereing with SVG output … any hints in their documentation or source code?