House numbers for Florida

Hi. I wonder if there is any open source, where I can get house numbers from. I did enter already the buildings and house numbers in my neighborhood. But I would also add all numbers for entire Port Charlotte, without walking around with my laptop and checking the numbers in first person. I´m thinking already that this will be no easy task. There must be a reason why nearly the entire US is free from house numbers, what makes adress searches horrible. If I have always to check Google Maps, where my destination exactly is, I will straight stay with Google Maps. Or at least most people will. For some reason I find the navigation better from OSM as from Google. I used OSM in many countries so far in vaccation worldwide. But it´s not so great now in the USA. I really want to change that. :slight_smile:

RapID has the Natl Address Database (NAD) that automagically puts a suggested address node on the building. It works perfectly in my city but I looked at Port Charlotte and it doesn’t seem to have any available for that city. :frowning:

I haven’t used them so not sure of the pipeline, but appears to have addresses available for Port Charlotte.

OpenAddresses draws from many different sources, many of them legally incompatible with OSM. The data is also of highly variable quality (for example, the data near me includes addresses for many things that don’t have addresses, such as bridges and railroad crossings).