[HOT Ebola responce] unknown structures


does anyone know what this structures are (and how to tag them)?



I’m pretty sure these ones are buildings under construction.
Due to lack of finances and the high costs for roof materials in Sub-Saharan African countries, it can take a long time until the roofing is done even though the walls are already constructed.

As kartenmalergidi said, those are buildings without roofs.

They are usually tagged with:


As Nick (Tallguy) pointed out on the HOT mailing list this can also be tagged with:


in just one simple tag.

I am not sure which one is the preferred method.

Edit: I missed a mail on the HOT mailing list, it seems the preferred method is building=construction.

Hi, Does anyone know what the structures are outside Bamako, Mali, Africa, that are shown as a brown circle with a hole? termite mounds? traditional homes? well boring hole? http://www.openstreetmap.org/edit#map=19/12.53499/-8.10645
and how they should be coded? Thanks

I think that the Bing raster layer has changed since you asked that. I see a lot of small trees, or bushes potted around. The quality of the mapping here is more of note, I applied orthogonality to the buildings and tidied up the pathway.