horrible import of water features

This import is very inaccurate. It does not bring in names or other useful information. It duplicates existing features.


by user
http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/studiorinaldo also known as user_2240189

Example way:

I’m very tempted to completely revert it.

Was it discussed somewhere? I’ve sent a message to the user who did it.


edit: added second changelist 24585354 and alternative username user_2240189

It looks like complete craziness to me. As I was looking around in that area I came across many other poorly tagged features. A road with tag name=Bing map road? for example. If we don’t enforce normal and reasonable rules concerning tagging, this is sort of result we can expect.

http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/249135487#map=14/11.1826/99.4782 (changeset from late 2013)

If user=Parie was tagging temporarily until the correct name was determined, which is a possibility I suppose, that’s been forgotten and now we have only the bad data to deal with.

As for your question: Obviously, the user doesn’t care enough about mapping to do it correctly or to check with the community before attempting a mass import. I think you should revert that changeset.

My 2 baht’s worth.



If they’re nonsensical I think reverting it is the way to go.

I’ve spent days fixing Parie’s edits in the south already. Much more to go. :frowning:

He didn’t even care for trying to translate the tags.
If someone can revert it: do it.
In case the user repeats his bad imports: let the data working group know - then he must be blocked.

Just a note, we should probably drop him a message before it is reverted.


This a big mess that must eventually be reverted. Better sooner than later after time has been wasted trying to fix it.

His page lists 5000 edits based on 33 traces, unlikely.

Stephan has emailed him.

Best Wishes

Hi Tom,

you might have clicked the wrong link. The user account who did the import, “studiorinaldo” was just created before the import which had been done using two changesets. Nothing else was done with that account.

I’m waiting a bit longer for the user to respond back.

Please refrain from trying to fix anything of that import. Else it would turn up as conflicts when doing the revert.

Hi stephan,
Yup, I also just stumbled across the import of very low res intermittent steam : http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/296340708
In fact the poor info is duplicated as the ways have been imported twice. And none of the tags are in regular use.
F_CODE_DES River/Stream
HYC_DESCRI Non-Perennial/Intermittent/Fluctuating
NAME_0 Thailand

The user here is user_2240189
but OSM reports Sorry, there is no user with the name user_2240189. Please check your spelling, or maybe the link you clicked is wrong
I’ll leave it with u, but reverting changesets looks like it might be the only option.

That specific user is meanwhile gone. This explains why it was no longer possible to access the user page on osm.org.

Frederik did kindly carry out the revert.

And what about user=Parie
have you managed to revert his changes ?

The “Parie-Imports” are a different story. His account lists over 5.000 Changelists. This means he’s splitting his edits into a lot of small parts.
For a revert you would need to know each individual change number. In case any object involved in the import had later been modified it would result in a conflict which needs to manually resolved.

I fear we have to manually handle these imports.

I got an answer from him back in March that he reverted data from Geonames. Can you point out what is still open and needs to be resolved?

I think he should help in cleaning up, as he was the one doing the import initially.


Or are we talking about the “Bing map road” named highways? This is a minor thing Parie did. These temporary names are much more visible on villages (added by an endless roundabout)

Hmmm. Sounds like a mess.
OK, I’ll check anything I come across from Parie, and edit manually if reqd.