Hoow can I change licence for my changesets

I dont like public domain associated with my account anymore. How can I change licence?

Public domain is not a licence; it is a total lack of copyright. As OSM is based in the UK, it would be impossible to put the data in the public domain (it is questionable whether anyone, other the federal government, could do that even in the USA). I, therefore, assume you are referring to the licence granted by the contributor agreement.

Hopefully, the licence agreement has been drafted in such a way that is not possible to revoke the licence on existing contributions, as, if you succeed in revoking your licence, your changes will need to be redacted from the database, which, in practice, means that any feature that you have edited will need to be set back its state before you first edited it and its subsequent edit history destroyed. Even then, you will need to identify all those cases where data was copied from another element as there is no metadata that tracks this, even when the copy is done as an explicit copy in an editor (let alone re-keying or cut and paste using the OS).

Such redaction will be very disruptive to those who have built on you work.

Although the only way of getting into the public domain in the UK is to wait for the copyright to expire, once something is in the public domain, the creator ceases to have any ownership of it and cannot dictate future copyright licensing.

I believe that, if you do not agree with the contributor terms, your only option is to cease providing any more contributions.

Is it legal to create another account with different licence?

You can create as many accounts as you like. Many people have more than one, and in some cases (e.g. for doing imports) it’s actually encouraged.

From contributor terms
It does not have to be the sole terms under which contributions are made, one off terms can be agreed with bulk contributors provided there is no clash with our principles in general and ODbL in particular.

AFAIK, the public domain checkbox is gone from the account creation page. I do not know whether this means that it is always on or always off for new accounts. There is no other option (or license) that you can chose during the account creation.

As muralito wrote, you probably have to contact someone to start contributing under another “license” (whatever you mean with that – see hadw’s post), when you do not agree with the contributor terms for new accounts. There is no way you can do this automatically.

Nope, just tried to create new account (and decline license for not creating useless account). Public domain tick still there.
So as I understand correctly my, and all of yours, changes are Public Domain BUT if anyone want use the data they MUST follow ODbL license.

Really, I don’ know how it is possible “public domain content but usage only with ODBL license” Well, why not use ODbL for any changes??

On which page do you see the checkbox ? I get the following page

Sign up Page.

We did not had to explain the checkbox in the last 2 mapathons I followed.

Fill in all fields and click sign in

yes public domain is there

And explanation on this page http://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/License/Why_would_I_want_my_contributions_to_be_public_domain

And i haven’t seen part where it says that licence is revocable, once you create the account with public domain option checked, and start contributing under this terms.

Ticking that box isn’t any any sense a “licence”. As the page you link to says, "If you declare your contributions to be in the Public Domain, you are thereby making a statement only. You will not actually be changing the license or what people can do with your data, because database law still overrides the protection of individual items. "

It’s a statement of opinion. In most countries it will have no legal effect. That is certainly the case in Europe.

However, the nature of public domain is that any successful dedication to the public domain is irrevocable, as it means you have permanently abandoned any rights you had. It is not a licence, a licences imply that you retain ownership.

I’m not sure why this is in there. Possibly it is because of Wikipedia accepting public domain as a pseudo licence. Maybe it is there for people who really don’t like intellectual property to state their position, especially those who think is is possible to dedicate to the public domain.

As I’ve said, it is either void, or irrevocable for past contributions. To the extent that it is not void, any facility to change your mind would require the date(s) of the change(s) to be recorded, which is probably why it was decided not to allow that.

In practice, it make little difference, as it isn’t really possible to make use of any useful subset of the map based on solely on contributions with this ticked and made in countries that allow immediate dedication to the public domain, so any commercial user would need to honour the share alike provisions of the main licence.

I understand that, and personally, I’m OK with PD, even though i don’t remember if i actually checked that box or not. But the thing that somewhat confuses me is purpose of that checkbox, is that some legacy feature or something that haven’t been implemented yet or something completely different. Even as a statement how can you know if someone agrees with Public Domain if it’s not displayed anywhere, you can’t see it on user profile or on change-sets.
And for the end, my question was just a followup on Gutsycat-s discussion. And if i understood correctly he wanted to uncheck that and continue contributing just with oDbl, is that possible?

Sigh, please read https://blog.openstreetmap.org/2013/10/15/the-pd-checkbox/