Home assistant Component

I am creating a component for Home assistant which is an open source home automation program. I would like to use openstreetmap data to reverse Geocode gps coordinates. I have tested it and it works perfectly. From what I can see by creating this component it would break the terms of use. As I would be distributing a script that users could use to get the data with out away of stopping them from doing so at a future date. Am I correct in thinking this?

You can check out an example of my component code for my google Geocode component on github. The openstreetmap version would have the same functionality. https://github.com/michaelmcarthur/GoogleGeocode-HASS

If you are interested in finding out about home assistant check out homeassistant.io

The easiest way to provide such functionality is to run an Photon instance yourself, preferably on a SSD. THat wont get you incremental updates, but simply replacing the whole thing is so fast that that hardly matters.

See http://photon.komoot.de/