Hole in map segment

I downloaded a number of tiles for France to my Garmin 62s. There is a “dead zone” of about 3x5km with no data in it around N48º30’ E7º30’. in the middle of one tile. See the screenshot.

That hole was a red tile in the latest updates but I noticed it is gone in the 9/7 version, so I suggest you to download the mapset again at http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/

Thanks. Downloading now. (In fact I downloaded what I thought was the correct single tile last night in the hope that it would “patch” the underlying bigger set of tiles in a large .IMG file, but it turns out I picked the wrong tile, doh!)

Well, that hole is fixed, but there seems to be a bigger problem around the French-German border, from Saarbrücken round to Freiburg im Breisgau. Several large rectangles are missing, whether I download with manual tile selection or the entire “France” and “Germany” maps.

I guess you didnt remove the old map. Same tilenumbers will cause these problems.

Well, I have the maps for France and Germany loaded, and they share tiles, but this ought to work, surely? I don’t have the problem at any other border.

Maybe something is stuck in memory beyond the .IMG files?

You can check your device with Javawa Device Manager: http://www.javawa.nl/jdm_en.html
I’m pretty sure it will be caused by duplicate tiles. Otherwise try a factory reset.

I don’t know what I did right, but in the end by deleting everything and adding the maps back one by one, it now works, without the need for a factory reset. Thanks for the tip about Javawa too!

Scratch that - the problem is back. Grrr.

Did you install both mapsets of Germany and France on your device? They have overlapping tiles, I dont know if that is causing this issue. Better get one custom mapset of the whole border region.

Yes, I installed both countries. But there are no problems with the border areas when I add Belgium, Netherland, and Switzerland. It’s just with most (but, bizarrely, not all) of the tiles on the French-German border. And then sometimes those also work - I haven’t worked out exactly what combination of things I need to do. I’m starting to experiment with putting the cross-border tiles (in yet another redundant copy) on the device’s internal memory rather than the SD card. All very strange.

I give up. I can’t get the French-German border tiles (except the one that includes the city of Strasbourg, which works fine) to display if I have more than one copy of them. All tiles on the other borders (BE/FR, NL/BE, NL/DE, DE/CH. FR/CH) all work OK with overlap.

If I had a second GPS I would have tried the same setup on that, but I don’t.

I ended up making a custom map of the area I’m interested in (Eastern France and South-Western Germany) so I only have one copy of each FR/DE border tile.

Thanks for your help. Maybe, if the problem is at the OSM/Garmin end, in a few revisions time this will fix itself.

Yes that is always a big issue, try to avoid any overlap, it will influence routing and rendering.

It’s just that it never happened before, and doesn’t seem to be systematic. Hmmm.