History - Not Big

I have been looking at the history of a given area on OSM. Mainly to get a feel as to whether anyone else is actively mapping the area so as to avoid stepping on any toes and duplicating effort.

However most of the results returned are of large areas - anything up to half the globe. Is there anyway of limiting the returned results to anything not marked ‘big’?


have a look at http://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/7/how-do-i-see-the-history-for-my-area

The intention is to integrate the OWL-based results into the main OSM history display fairly soon.

That would be nice. It looks like a useful tool. What would be one improvement though would be to be able to zoom/pan the changes map rather than having a fixed area and fixed zoom level. But I suspect that this may be tricky if running off the history.