Historic niches with religious signification on entrancies of houses


I try to tag these sort of things.
I don’t realy know how to name them in any of the four languages I use, DE, FR, NL, EN.

Here is an example to show you what I mean:

I talked about with Lutz Lange, member of the group who manage the website www.historic.place.
He think, but is not shure, the best way to tag is:

But I’m not realy satisfied with this solution.

Do you have an idea how to tag these niches?
Perhaps you can show me some examples?
In the 18th 19th centuries, these sort of niches where often to see on the front doors of houses.

Thank you for you ideas and help.

I’ve mapped similar objects as wayside shrine.
You will find a photo collection of objects that I mapped on Commons Wikimedia. AFAIK, a lot of the photos there were taken by me and thus also mapped in OSM.

For me a shrine (schrijn in Dutch) is a (small) place in which objects are placed for devotion.

Myself, I’ve also gone with ‘wayside shrine’, denomination = roman catholic, but that’s in part influenced by escada…

I’ve seen suggestions to add a ‘level = 1’ tag if they aren’t on ground level but above doors etc, which is often the case with these niches.

Thank you for your answers. Yes, it’s best to use wayside_shrine to tag.