Historic --> Mine not showing on osm.org


I do quite a bit of updating, but in my quest to keep fit, I’ve decided to incorporate walking to old mine workings in the lake district as part of my normal fell walking, something to add a bit of interest.

However I can’t see any/many mines on the map, and was researching some to add and found quite a few are currently there, but not visible unless I do this:-
on here http://www.openstreetmap.org/
I have to click layers, then enable Map Data trouble shooting layer and they appear.

like here:-

Where Goldscope lead mine will appear.

Is there a better way to either view or mark these. They seem quite invisible as they are.

any advice?


All your efforts are not in vain… http://geschichtskarten.openstreetmap.de/historische_objekte/translate/en/index-en.html

This is the only map I could find that renders historic=mine , none of the standard layers offered at http://www.openstreetmap.org render it

You could add some tourism tags such as tourism=attraction or tourism=yes if you think they are appropriate to tourism, though I don’t know how this would change rendering.
I imagine that there is some interest in tourists visiting historical mining sites and is appropriate. Hiking along trails to old historical gold mine sites seems to be popular in national parks near me.

Ah thanks!
At least it’s just not be missing something.
That map you linked to shows quite a few in my area, it will help quite a bit.
I did find a wiki page on this, telling me that basically what I’m doing ir right, bu also saying that it wont show anywhere until someone somewhere decides it’s worthwhile.

That “someone somewhere” is more concrete than you think. If you have suggestions for objects needing rendering, and can make a good argument for it, I suggest posting it in the right place:


I would argue against using tourism=*, unless there is a real “tourist” value to such a mine, like the ability to visit it by a guided tour.

I just find yesterday that my favourite android OSMand shows mine data.

One or two big mines are tourist attractions and are marked so, many are just as they say, historic sites.