Historic fishpond/moat - how to tag?

Hi all

In Higham Ferrers, UK, there is a medieval structure called ‘Saffron Moat’ (OSM). It was never a defensive moat, but rather a square fishpond with another fishpond in the centre (for smaller fish, they say).

The ‘moat’ is dry/boggy in the summer, and boggy/a few inches of water in winter. Image here (sorry no photo): https://goo.gl/images/4rHqdA

I’ve called it man_made=yes. I assume it should also be historic=yes?

What else should I call these concentric trenches? I looked up ‘=moat’ but the wiki says this is abandoned. waterway=ditch perhaps? Invent the tag historic=fishpond, of which there are many in England?

Thanks all,


Hi Edward,
I would not deny the tag Moat since its even named that way or tag natural=water and search for more knowledge about the subject. And yes, I know its an inside job, but nevertheless necessary. You even might find a start date or year, or use / function as a bonus is not it ?.
Have fun and keep mapping.

Thanks Hendrik. Thanks to your message I had a few more ideas to try searching for on the wiki, and found landuse=basin

Seems perfect in this case, and there’s even a tag season=wet_season (who knew OSM got so granular?!)

Yup, year of first use, etc, are nice details. I’ve linked to the heritage register entry, which is hopefully a good resource.

Any other comments on my edits welcome - for instance, at the moment I think it’s showing as a way, and it really needs to be an area. I think there’s no way to inter-convert these?