hints for visitor

i will be in Tel-Aviv for some days for a buisiness trip. I hope to spent some hours to my hobby OSM in the evening. Do you have any hints for me, what is allowed and what i should avoid? Here in Germany i am used to just make a photograph of each and anything and then map the things i can see at any later time.
So my doubs are

  • where / which should i keep my kamera away?
  • are there any things forbidden to map?
  • i am not able to enter name=* tags in hebrew. Should i skip this, enter name:en=* or enter the data in english?
  • other pitfalls ?

Hoping for good weather in the next days and some spare time for OSM.


Hi trekki,

When photographing in public, it is always a good idea to wear the camera openly (on your neck).

Places that don’t want to be mapped will simply have no information on them… And if you need a permit to enter somewhere, it won’t be a good idea to take pictures of that place from a distance. :slight_smile:

For lack of Hebrew, I’d suggest to enter the English name under ‘name’ and ‘name:en’, and add a note asking to add the Hebrew name. Better yet - open a bug for the specific area asking to fill in Hebrew names.

The weather might be a pitfall :slight_smile:

Thanks for the hints!
The weather here is much better than home, only some short rain showers.

Hallo Trekki,

you are welcome to keep it as in Germany. Just map every tiny thing you see :slight_smile:
Parks, beaches, housenumbers, shops, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, banks etc.

Israel is not that well mapped as you are maybe used from Germany. It can happen that you will find missing streets or oneway streets that are not defined correctly.
So you will most probably find a lot to tag.

The only thing I’m personally avoiding is military areas. I’m not sure its a good idea to map all patrios rockets we have in Israel :slight_smile:

Rain in Israel ? Just if you and Israel are very lucky.