Hiking trails: CAI number as "name" or "ref"?


I have recently used some Italian hiking trails and can contribute additional info. I see that in many cases the “name” tag of a hiking trail provides its CAI number. Is it ok if I move the CAI number to the “ref” tag when editing the trails?

Regards, Biff

Following up to my own question: Typically, the ways of the CAI hiking trails are part of a relation which provides the name of the trail using the “name” tag and the CAI number using the “ref” tag. It might make more sense to remove any additional name or ref tags from the way to avoid conflicts with the relation.

Hi Biff,
there is agree in the community to put the number in ref= and not in name=. Also use operator=Club Alpino Italiano for CAI trails.

I think it’s right to omit the ref tag in the ways if there is a ralation.

See also this proposal if you have additional infos:


Hi sorcrosc,
thanks for your answer! I will try to apply it when editing trails in Italy.

you can find here all the informations you need about Club Alpino Italiano’s tracks: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/CAI