Highways validator

Hi, zdravo.

There is routing validator http://peirce.zkir.ru/qa/HR-FULL/rd-map - it’s searches for most common routing problems such as overlapped highways, and islands of isolated highways (distributed by highways levels).

Usualy I fix some of them, but for now thereis to many of errors for one man. Is somebody interested to help fix them?

And one more thing, I can try to add sr translation but I’m not very good in such busines. So I can make a draft and send it somebody for correction, ofcourse if somebody interested in regular validation.

Sorry for not seeing this before.

I’ll try and fix these errors now.

Do you mean serbian translation? Of the webpage?

Zdrava Janjko

Yes I mean translate web page generated by validator to serbian. But I’m not so good in serbian as I want, and translation will costs the efforts, if there more than one or two people who fix’s the problems.

One more, link above - results of overlapped highways test. This is link for a page with all test results http://peirce.zkir.ru/qa/HR-FULL