Highways classification

Hi, how you classify highways. How you decide whic way will be primarary/secondary/tertiary/unclassified residential? I use generalized Italian map (filtered ways from motorway to tertiary or secondary) for car navigation. So when highways classified as teriary-secondary-tertiary or when primary highways splits by the border of towns - it looks little bit confusing.
I have plan to fix it, but maybe you have some local rules for highways classification, that I don’t know?

Although there was some debate about this in italian mailing list, there’s no particular rule. Highways should not change classification when passing through a town
Can you provide an example?

Why not connect SP 64 with Viale Cappucini and Starada Statale Variante Frenatna with secondary highways (why not change Viale Cappucini and some others to secondary).

Secondary - residential - secondary.

Is it because nobody needs this before or it was made on purpose?

I know, that there is no write-down rule, says that highways with primary class and above must be linked, and so on. But such behavior will be very helpfull, because in such case you can take small amount of highways - and get conformed data set.

I think you are right. I see many signs of poor care of highways hierarchy

Ok. So I’ll just fix them.

One more question, how you use hw=trunk? As road with some special speed regulations?
For ex. in some countries it used for roads which not yet a motorway (max speed 130) but already not a regular road outside a living places (max speed 90). Usual they have 110 speed limit. In scheme 50/80/110/130. Do you make it in a same way?

It’s the same in Italy. Via Ercole Tinari is not a trunk for sure. It’s a secondary or tertiary

Rattorosso, thank you.

Hi, it’s me again.
You can use this validator http://peirce.zkir.ru/qa/IT-OVRV/routing-map for searching isolated highways subgraphs, organized by highway class.

And this http://peirce.zkir.ru/qa/IT for some more test organized by province.

Sorry, but there is only EN translation for now.

Thank you. I’ll forward on Talk-IT

Hi guys,
please be informed that data on the page http://peirce.zkir.ru/qa/IT has been updated and will be updated again in on this sunday.

Thank you Zkir, italian comunity appreciates your tools :slight_smile: Do you plan to update regularly?

Oh, not at all :wink:

Definitly, I plan. However, I need to solve some problems with performance and hardware, before I can promise any update cycle. Just now we are working on it :slight_smile: