Highway with 2 official names

Did someone come to the problem of a highway which devides two admin boundaries, one side of the street has a name and the other side a different one?
I’ve just added one of the names as alt_name

Hi Considering the very unusual situation it seems the best solution to me. Hugo

You could tag the names as name:left and name:right

There’s a proposal for this here: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/right_left

In case that both sides of the highway have the same adress number, making one of the names appear as alt_name is the best for me too.

The right/left feature maybe will work if the highway is only oneway. If not, which side is the right or left?.
In case there were different adress numbers depending of the side of the street, wich may sound crazy, but not far than the first case, maybe making a VERY fine line of blocks between both sides makes more sense to me. I recognize that the fact that making a “ghost boulevard” where there aren´t any, is bad. But, thinking in the growing use of web routers, and as they are not capable of this taggin as for today, the ghost blvd. seems the “less bad” choice.

Another way could be talking with the inhabitants of the street. How do they instruct the taxi driver?, or how they give their address?. Sometimes, the practical use and common sense of people goes beyond the cold sheet of paper at some bureau…

Peace, cheers and beers

If so, please use left:name and right:name. Left and right is according to the direction of the way in the database.