Highway surface tags


I’m trying to add surface tags to the highways in my area. I can see highways that are tagged unpaved on the map however highways tagged as paved and untagged highways look the same on the map to me. Is there a way to find out which highways or sections of highways are untagged without checking all of them for tags in JSOM?


You could use a custom map style (there are many ways to do this) or use Overpass-Turbo.

Would the map at http://www.itoworld.com/map/215 be what you are looking for?

In JOSM, View->Map Paint Styles ->Surface or Surface - Data Entry
(More Map Paint Styles can be added from Preferences->Map Settings->Map Paint Styles)

Thanks to both of you.

Overpass-Turbo and ITO Map both give me what I need. Now I can tag the roads I know and go collect data on the others.