highway:residential add section affects another way

Wanting to add section to a road (highway:residential) to allow me to add two lay_by parking bays.
Using iD in browser editor.
I can happily create the new road segments ok, but when I go to upload, it says I have also modified another way nearby.

The road I am trying to modify is Way: Cowan Street (180889260)

The way being affected is: The Parks Recreation and Sporting Centre (359674564)

Editor View: https://www.openstreetmap.org/edit#map=18/-34.85804/138.55897
OSM view: https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/180889260#map=18/-34.85829/138.55905

Question 1:
Given the “park” seems to be connected to ***all ***of the surrounding streets (highways), should I “worry” that I am also modifying a separate way that is not actually changing?

Question 2:
Is it “normal” or “acceptable” for a way tagged as a park like the Parks Recreation and Sporting Centre (359674564) to be attached to all the surrounding nodes ?
Should the way be “standalone” (i.e. with gaps to the surrounding streets … like the nearby Greyhound center https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/26673534

Thanks in advance. Looking to minimize any negative impacts of my editing…!

  • jd

In my opinion, as the park does not extend to the road center line it should not be mapped as such. Even if it is an easier option and usually the roads are rendered over the park.

It can be a bit difficult with the iD editor to reposition the park outline as often there are other outlines also incorrectly joined to the road centerlines. So I’ve repositioned the park outline with JOSM, a relatively easy task.

You should now be able to make your modifications. If needed you can modify the (The Parks Recreation and Sporting Centre (359674564))

Please say how you get on and if you need help just ask.

  1. No. Quite the opposite. They (or should I say the nodes) are actually “changed” when you declare that the park area is separate from the road.

  2. I would add this is the same principle for all areas, especially landuse=*. Don’t joint them to surrounding roads.

Thank you for repositioning the park!
I have now added the street (highway) sections and added the lay_by parking lanes.

Happy to get feedback on the mods…
Cowan Street between Trafford and warren.
There are two lay-bys one for cars and one marked as bus parking.


  • jd