highway=primary, ref 8

Hi there,

I have checked the above mentioned highway, closed gaps and fixed the relation.
It takes a while to load the relation overlay, same applies to all links below
There was a big gap at Wroclaw. The primary ref 8 relation ended at north east here at the trunk
and begun again at south west here

I have added the S8 and A8 to the relation
All gaps are now closed and the ref 8 goes across Poland. But I want to double check if the the “Droga krajowa 8” (what means Droga krajowa?) really goes this way?

Many thanks in advance for your help

Droga krajowa means National way - it is the same as Bundesstrasse in Germany.

Very well done! Thanks! I don’t think it was related to the redaction however. Rather to the fact, that the new bypass was recently opened (A8). Previously, 8 went through Wrocław and now this part is named 98. Thanks a lot nonetheless!

I have made the same with some other Droga krajowa (without any issues). Is someone coordinating it so that there is no double work?

Only these ways have set odbl=clean :


I suspect some of the ways will be removed anyway…
Found http://www.openstreetmap.org/?node=660594293 with odbl=clean set by mistake i think (only valid for ways).

Oh, found it :
Surely will be deleted ! It needs to be recreated.

PS. Great work by the way !

ha !
That way, above…
I think its wise to search for ways done by him :confused:

you are safe to add odbl=clean for ways from this “mapper”. He is the most famous idiot in the german OSM community. He has deleted ways and re-added things in his own way