Highway line drawn can not be used for navigation

Highway can not be used for navigation. Navigation from Lahdenväylä to Porvoonväylä east bound finds the wrong route!

See: https://www.openstreetmap.org/directions?engine=osrm_car&route=60.25232%2C25.07120%3B60.25278%2C25.07722#map=13/60.2528/25.0800

You can not drive even the shortest distance on southern line to Porvoo direction from Lahdenväylä along Porvoonväylä to Kehä III.

I tried to fix the problem but my try was useless.

Can anyone fix this problem?

Strange indeed, it appears the road does not even exist for OSRM. With the mapzen router it works, though. So I guess the problem lies with OSRM and not with the OSM data.

Worked when I tried it!

LePe, it works better now than yesterday. I do not know what the original problem was but my guess is that when you or someone else was editing in that area you created and then deleted or moved some additional highway that OSRM is trying to base its routing on. The routers’ databases lag some hours/days behind actual OSM data. The problem should be completely gone in a couple of days.

Thank you for your prompt replies.

I found this problem about a year ago. So far I’ve been only waiting for corrective actions. Because I use this route it’s somehow problem to me. Now I’m trying to fix the problem.

I tested the OSM navigation again and the same problem still exists (today) and navigation does not go directly along Porvoonväylä but makes longer route via Heikinlaakso. See this please => https://www.openstreetmap.org/directions?engine=osrm_car&route=60.2476%2C25.0617%3B60.2594%2C25.1377#map=14/60.2624/25.1009

This problem exists when using on-line navigation or OSMANDR off-line mobile map as well. They are two totally different navigators and they make exactly the same mistake. So far I don’t know any map apps where this really works. That’s why I think this is something to do with map data and not with map application. I’m afraid this problem is hiding inside the OSM-database.

Yes I tried to fix this problem. To test - I draw an other highway line along with the original line from Lahdentie to Porvoonväylä. it did not work either and I really wonder why.

If you find a solution to this, please help. It would help to hundreds of motorists navigating east of Helsinki.

Thanks again for your help.

There have been lots of changes in that area in the past few days. including ones from you suggesting that you have been experimenting on the live data.

I would wait until everything settles down.


I found this barrier on a node of the motorway (with only *=no attributes), where a trail crossed the motorway. I have put a gap into the trail and moved the barrier away from the motorway node.

A barrier on a node can be a reason to remove any way from the internal routing database, which cannot be reached behind the barier or which is a dead end oneway because of the barrier.


It looks to me as though whoever set the barriers is trying to say that the slip-road itself is the barrier, when the real barrier will be some feature on the edge of the motorway, and there may not even be a physical barrier, so the trail should just end on an anonymous node. I think the barriers need fixme’s at the very least.

The barriers are actually the two crash barriers that are either side of the motorway. There are no gaps in the barriers so the trail stops without joining the motorway. Don’t use this information to change OSM database though.

I know the question was about routing on the motorway, but it’s perhaps worth mentioning that the crossing “highway=trail” won’t be understood by lots of maps / routers: https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/74817907/history . Here it was obviously a deliberate change - see the comment on https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/33377253 .

Thanks guys, all you who helped with this problem! This highway section works now as expected. On average, 35 000 motorists use this road every day:


It certainly dosen’t work yet on OSMANDR off-line navigation ver. Finland 31.May 2016. I’m sure it will be Ok with the next map update.


Thanks for the feedback.