Highlighting a node, way or relation

Is it possible to display a node, way or relation highlighted in OpenStreetMap?

You can in potlatch and JOSM…


You can reach those from:


And then click “View node/way/relation on larger map” under the small map view.

Do people sometimes have to wait a moment before the link comes up? Also, how confident can I be that the entity numbers (and therefore URLs) wonÂ’t change if OSM gets corrupted?

The larger the element is, the more time it takes to fetch it from the db, send it to your browser, and show it to you.

Element IDs do not change, but it’s still possible for someone to repurpose an existing way in an entirely new fashion. For instance, someone can take a way that is now a highway, remove all the tags, make it into a building, and retag it as such. There is nothing in the API stopping such ‘creativity’.

can I highlight two or more ways/nodes/relations simultaneously ?
if yes what is the correct HTTP call ?

why do you want to highliht an object?


because in certain situation , where I do not have a street name , no GPX data , howw can I send a link in an email to someone I want to show him an exact route
I know about XAPI and http://www.openstreetmap.org/?way= + http://www.openstreetmap.org/?way= methods.

but if I want to combine many ways in one call http://www.openstreetmap.org/?way=<id1,id2,id3> how can I do that to highlight a route for a remote user.


If you want to share a route, I would suggest using something like OpenRouteService.org if you want autorouting.
Or if you just want to click on a series of points, try GPSies.com.