Hiding landuse colors in JOSM

Already searched briefly for the above, found nothing appropriate.

I am trying to hide landuse color in JOSM which obscures the highways (and pretty much everything else) underneath it. For example, a residential area is covered with white color, which makes realigning highways or tracing bing images difficult, not to mention sharing some of the boundary nodes for multiple area classification. I guess some people went nuts with the landuse feature to make the map pretty, even areas such as road reserve and the like are tagged as green fields. oh well…

Any help appreciated.


Try to use the filter functionality to either grey it out, or to remove it from view completely.


More on filters: http://josm.openstreetmap.de/wiki/Help/Dialog/Filter

thank you very much!. didn’t find it while digging through josm preferences and the like where i thought it would be.