Hide suggested topics

I now see that there is no option to disable suggested topics. I found that there is a plugin for this. Maybe worth adding? Quite some users really like a clean and simple UI

Suggested topics include by default topics on the categories your track or watch. If you have read everything, that’s when you might get topics from other parts of the forum (new and related).

I think this is a good way to offer more content to discover to the people who has already read everything in their tracked/watched categories.

Good reasoning indeed. However, some people really like the minimalist looks of the old forum. Hence, they would like to remove suggested topics. This plugin might be nice way to give this functionality

Until then, I’m using uBlock Origin to get rid of suggested topics, and the super large category icons using these two rules:


Is there a link to the plugin on the Discourse meta forum? I can’t find to understand how well maintained the code is and what implements. It seems it’s 4 year old code that might not work with current versions.

If there is enough people looking for a more “minimalist looks” maybe worth organizing this group of people to create a theme or modify an existing one?

Good one. There also seems to be a very easy css solution. Hiding Suggested Topics? - #2 by codinghorror - feature - Discourse Meta

If you indeed create a minimalist style, this css is better I suppose

I’m cautious about feature requests that deviate from the standard features of Discourse. One of the advantages of Discourse is it is a familiar platform and suggested topics is something users who have used Discourse before may find useful. Hiding a feature by default means it will be less useful to new users who may not know there is a suggested topic feature.

As discussed during the Forums governance team meeting - 2022-10-06 these kind of modifications are encouraged to be made by users client-side for now:

Client-side changes with browser extensions such as ublock or stylus do not impose this maintenance burden. Some users have started configuring and sharing rules to tweak the appearance of the community forum according to their preferences.

Despite this being “solved” this is still a bug - while adding https://community.openstreetmap.org/t/what-do-the-symbols-on-the-dropdown-menu-mean/8140 the suggestions were “How do I draw tag these kinds of basement doors” and “State of the Map 2023: CALL FOR VENUES now open!”, neither of which is in any way relevant.


can someone document something please?