I need help for create all districts in West Malaysia and connect to their state.Northern had been cleared only needs some addiction.Now is your time to help create districts in Perak,Selangor,N.S,Melaka,Pantai Timur,Johor.
Firstly,place the place in district not county this is very importants.
Then do their name and add multi languagues
Kuala Muda
zh:瓜拉姆达县(means Kuala Muda District[Chinese district is 县 and must be add in chinese translate])

Then,add English if that use Selatan instead South.

Lastly, don’t forget to add wikipedia link in English.(If you can connect to the boundary is the best.)

Thanks everyone.(And don’t typing error)

I would think that unless someone actually has the exact coordinates of district boundaries, it is best to leave it alone. Other mappers have been waiting for years for some boundary data to be available, but since there are none, the map is left empty.