Hi-vis vest with OpenStreetMap Logo & "Surveyor" Text

Hi folks,

I’m in the process of getting a custom high-visibility safety vest printed for myself, for OSM surveying work, as I do most of my surveying on-foot and sometimes find myself near busy roads, etc. It’s also a great way to raise the profile of OSM, whilst offering a real health and safety advantage for both pedestrian and bike surveyors. These high-visibility orange vests can be warn over the top of your normal clothing, so are suitable for all types of weather conditions. If you’re wondering what these vests are, see the following picture (you’ve no doubt seen highway maintenance crews, or airport ground crews wearing these):

I’m wondering if anybody else might be interested in purchasing one of these with a custom OSM print on the back? I’m trying to gauge the level of interest before I think about submitting a bulk order for printing. The following are mock-ups of the design I’ve come up with (showing the back of the vest), based on the OSM logo:

Depending on numbers, the vests are likely to sell for around £9.00 each + P&P (P&P will probably be a few pounds for the UK, maybe more to Europe/rest of world). I will donate any profit made after covering my expenses, back to OSM. The price is likely to come down if I can get sufficient numbers of interested purchasers to reach price-break points for printing.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these printed hi-vis vests, could you please reply to this thread or e-mail me at “osm at sonicresolutions.com” and include “Vest” in the subject line. In your reply/e-mail, please state the size and quantity of vests you would be interested in purchasing, and your country if you’re outside the UK (so I can get together accurate postage costs). Available sizes are (sizes quoted are chest sizes in inches):

Small 33-38
Medium 38-41
Large 41-44
X Large 44-47
XX Large 47-50
XXX Large 50-54
XXXX Large 54-56

The vests are fully certified to EN471, class 2 standards and have double 5cm HiVis reflective banding.

At this stage I’m just trying to gauge interest and your e-mail to me will of course not commit you to purchase. Once I’ve got a list of interested parties, if the numbers are sufficient, I’ll e-mail everyone individually with the final costings and payment will probably be via PayPal. I won’t call for payment until I’ve actually got the vests in front of me, ready to dispatch.

Any questions, please feel free to drop me an e-mail. There is a parallel thread going on about this on the OSM Talk mailing list also:


Kind regards,
Graham Smith

Hi again Folk,

Many thanks to all those that have contacted me about purchasing the custom OSM printed/logo’ed Hi-Vis Vests. I’m please to announce that the order has now been placed with the printer and hopefully I’ll have the printed vests sometime in the next 5 - 7 working days. When they arrive, I’ll be in touch directly with all those who have responded to me, to finalise the orders and organise dispatch, etc.

In the meantime, for those who maybe missed out first time around, I have ordered the following spares, which are still available if you’re interested:

1 x Small Size
3 x Medium Size (Now all sold!!)
3 x Large Size (Now all sold!!)
3 x XL Size (Now all sold!!)
1 x XXL Size (Now all sold!!)

The final price of the vests will be £8.50 and this includes the logo printed on both the back of the vest (as per the below mock-ups), but also on the front lapel. As previously indicated, postage should be circa £2 within the UK (Royal Mail), with overseas shipping prices dependent on destination.

If you have not yet been in touch and wish to reserve one of the above spares, please contact me directly at “osm at sonicresolutions.com”. Once these spares are gone, that’s it for the time being (unless we can get together enough pre-orders for another run).

(This information was also posted to the OSM Talk mailing list)

Kind regards,

Hi Folks,

Thanks again to all those who have contacted me to date, to express interest in the OSM printed/logo’ed Hi-Vis Vests. I’m pleased to report that these are now no longer vapour-ware, as today, the full order arrived at my house. Below are some photos of the finished article, which I have to say, have somewhat exceeded my expectations. The print quality is bold and clear, and the logo has turned out rather nicely. See pics below (no nasty comments about my modelling abilities please!) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

For those who have already expressed an interest and stated their sizes, etc, I will be sending out proforma invoices within the next 2 days (utilising PayPal), so payment can be completed and I can start to get the vests into the post. Payment can be completed by any major credit card and you don’t need a paypal account to complete payment. The proforma invoice will contain postage cost details as well as give you an opportunity to supply your postal address for delivery.

If you have contacted me requesting me to reserve a vest, but no longer wish to purchase, please just drop me an email to let me know and ignore the proforma invoice.

If anybody is interested in purchasing any of the spares I have in stock, I still have the following quantities for sale:

1 x Small

As indicated previously, the final cost of the vests is £8.50 each + P&P (which I estimate to be around £2 for UK destinations).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at “osm at sonicresolutions.com”.

Kind regards,

Sorry to bump an old thread, but I was wondering whether Graham, or anyone else, had any of these hi-vis bibs currently available. I’d like to get one if possible.