Hi Croatian Community

Hello Croatian Community,
I’m Chiara from TomTom (in OSM I’m changio) and this month I launched some MapRoulette challenges in some countries and I would like to launch some challenges in Croatia as well. I’d like to know if challenges on Isolated Highways and Missing Highways might interest you… or do you have other topics of your interest?
Thank you in advance for your feedback and reach me out in case of questions
See you soon


Sounds interesting. What does “Isolated highways and Missing highways” mean? Are those highways that a machine finds on the satellite image?

Hi Janjko, with “Isolated highways” we mean roads that for several reasons are present in OSM, but not connected to road network and with “Missing Highways” roads that could be missing in OSM. Of course false positive could be possible… If you want I can prepare and launch a challenge on “Isolated highways” in Croatia, what do you think? So you can directly have a look

Ok, I’ll take a look, thanks.

Seems like a good idea to me; please link the challenge here when you create it

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I’m going to notify a challenge on isolated roads.
I’ll created a dedicated message for this in this channel… hope it’s fine for you


Just to say here that the task is finished. Thanks!