hi all, i need info's for a long journey

next year ( 2014 Nov. or Dec. ) i like drive wit my car from Harbin/China to Vienna/Austria.
now, almost navi-software i looked only for western / eastern europe.

my question: for this trip i can use Osmand+ as offline-navi?
I’m grateful for any help and ideas :wink:

best regards


ps: sorry for my bad english, its not my native language :smiley:

Hello Bruno,

when the last two letters of your username here mean AT for Austria, then I recommend also the german speaking sub forum here, it is quite active there.

Oneadvantage of Osmand is its real offline feature. Map display and route calculation comes from compressed map files you can download to your device.

BUT: so far, The capability about offline routing is limited to some low 100er kilometers.
But some progress in this feature is proposed for the next month.

Also have a look at mapfactor navigator free … and the quite new http://graphhopper.com … but still in early development.

And be aware: have a look at osm.org first whether the road data is complete enough for your trip.

In general: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Routing

hi stephan75,

yes you are right, i am from austria :slight_smile:
thanks for your help, i like look to the german forum it’s more easy for me.
the planning is very complex and good navigation is also very important.

thanks for your help

best regards