Helpful OSM tools, news and links

Look under:

You can check the coverage of buildings with addresses or without.

I saw very good progress in Kathmandu: more and more buildings with postal adresses. It´s very helpful.

Also very interesting:
Differences between Google and OSM are here visible:

… offers a range of map views to highlight many ‘hidden’ data layers within OpenStreetMap …


Helpful routing tool:

This is not a tool but interesting example for cooperation of government and osm community:

It is Polish OSM map and government forest cadastrial maps on one homepage.
Government can controll gaps in their own database, the osm user as well.

Interesting study about usability of iD editor:

Conclusions see page 82 and 83…

This is NO OSM tool, anyway, it´s helpful:

Check of available satellites, Dilution-of-position values, etc. depending on town or known position

Very nice: How old is the POI information:

Cycle mapping guide:

This inform how to make tagging of e.g. small shops with two or more very different goods.

E.g.: shop=toys; shoes.

Government from Denmark provides to the OSM community aerial images with 10cm resolution and explain why:

Probably the most people know that. Anyway. is very helpful when one wish to see bugs in the map.

Here is the link to Kathmandu map:

Tutorial: From Paper Maps to the Web: A DIY Digital Maps Primer

Do you know this quality tool?


Lane visualizer for OSM Data.
Alll registered mappers are shown in the map.
The map shows all new mappers (last 2, 7 days)

@marek kleciak What is the licence associated with that map? As per “Unless you have special permission, don’t copy from online or paper maps”.

That´s true. Using this map one can only identify areas where settements should exist and map it using Bing or other backgrounds.

We shouldkeep in mind: There are huge differences in the quality of OSM Map in Nepal. Especially north-western areas are poorly mapped.

Mapillary in Nepal:

Comparing of Google with OSM map: