Help with Ventana Wilderness, CA

After some help with what the map shows in the area of the Ventana Wilderness section of the Los Padres National Forest in CA.

We have received a complaint that Way: ‪Forest Route 21S03‬ (‪10466382‬) | OpenStreetMap is mapped incorrectly, in that “USFS Forest road 21S03 terminates at Salsipuedes monumented boundary line . Monuments set and map recorded 2000 by United States Dept. of Interior”. I believe that when he speaks of Salsipuedes Ranch, he’s referring to Way: ‪Avila Ranch‬ (‪326493740‬) | OpenStreetMap, but it’s very hard to get a straight answer out of him.

When I’ve asked him for further information, he sent us a reference to Incidents | CAL FIRE , then another reference to Coastal Zone Visitor Use Management & which “Shows the correct land line boundary.”

Latest response is “This map used by public May be of use to show “Salsipuedes Ranch Road” even though the N F of San Antonio River disappeared. No private land boundaries but clearly indicates to public no access thru valley.” Full Screen Map - Los Padres | Backpacking, Camping, MTB, OHV, and Hiking Trails in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Ojai, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, Los Angeles Areas

Unfortunately, I can’t make out hide nor hair of what he’s referring to in regard to land boundaries or no public access!

Is anybody who may be familiar with this area, or these maps, able to help with confirming what he’s talking about?

It’s also something like 9 years since these areas were mapped in OSM, so it’s quite possible some discrepancies have crept in over that time.


Graeme Fitzpatrick

OSMF Data Working Group

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I just added an access=no tag all the way down to the “Carrizo Creek Trail” intersection as the Los Padres NF website showed that whole section to be closed.

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Changeset here

Thanks for that! :+1: