Help with searching map please

I am a novice. I have downloaded a map of Costa Rica. Unzipped it to (gmapsupp.img) and put it on my garmin dakota 10. I can clearly see the new map and it has lots of points of interest on it and cities etc. I have removed all my other maps so I can concentrate on that one. My problem is that when I try to navigate. (On my sat nav I go typically "where to ") and select any of the search functions I immediately get No results found try adjusting search parameters.
Previously I downloaded a map of the UK. I don’t know what I did different but with just that one loaded I can search points of interest easily.
With both maps loaded I can see both maps easily but a search will only find places in the UK

any help would be most appreciated


I can give only two hints about OSM based maps for Garmin devices:

We have a special Garmin sub-forum here,

or go to and do a search thete with keywords like “garmin” etc. … I think there are already some similar questions like yours.


Thank you so much for the helpful advice. Just in case anyone else has the same question the solution is that given by RocketMan above.
Also. In experimenting with this I found out two other interesting things.
With a Dakota 10 at least

  1. When in simulation mode if you set the routing to calculate routes for pedestrians then try to move your position from where it is currently set to a place that is over seas from that it wont do it. But if you set the routing to calculate routes for Car/Motorcycle it will. Once on the new continent you can then set it back to pedestrian and simulate a walk.
  2. If you have basecamp on your PC most recent version you can now download the map you want to that, then use basecamp to transfer it to your Garmin device. I discovered that trying to solve my problem before seeing Rocketman’s post.