Help with Roof-ridge/edge

i made my first try with roof:ridge/ roof:edge here.

I doesn’t look very good.

Can please somebody correct it, so that I have an example how it’s done correctly and learn from it. We have some good Bing and very good Aerowest-Aerial Picture coverage here.

Especially the building with the “red” wall color (Picture) and the building with the orange roof(Picture).

Thanks a lot in advance


Hi, these are some tough cases. In general you have to divide the roof by ridges and edges so that the areas are planar in 3D (i.e. between ridge and cullis). This is quite hard to get right for a roof with multiple heights by hand so you probaly need to calculate the correct values first. For the red buildings’ dormers you need to have additional building parts (at least for the way OSM2World handles roof lines). Note that the implementation in OSM2World is different from the ProposedRoofLines as it does not allow to model vertical areas (walls of the dormer) and all roof lines must be consistent with each other. So the suggestion in does not work here.

That said, a simple csg modeler that could extract roof-lines from the boundary representation would be handy :slight_smile:

having tried it myself I would say there is no chance to build such dormers with OSM2World roof lines. I’ve modified the red building to use building parts with roof:shape=gabled for them. the roof:lines=no tag is special for OSM2World to explicitly state that a building part should not use attached roof-lines but the S3DB roof shape.