Help with place=island tag?

Hi all! I recently created this relation “Cù Lao Lợi Quan” (Relation: ‪Cù Lao Lợi Quan‬ (‪17292841‬) | OpenStreetMap) to represent the island. However, I noticed that the italicized label with its name never showed up. I’m guessing that it has to do with the outer ways of the multipolygon. While way 1155146964 (Way: 1155146964 | OpenStreetMap) is already an outer of a river area, three other ways (792399787, 819664465, 139356592) are not outers of any water area.

So I’m guessing that currently island are only considered valid if:

  1. All of their outer ways are outers of either natural=water or natural=bay (for river islands)
  2. All of their outer ways are not outers of anything else, but are tagged natural=coastline (for sea islands).

With those assumptions, then the relation I recently created won’t be considered a valid island since it’s kind of a mixture of the two cases above. This island has one side as the coastline, and the other sides bordering the river.

If I did something wrong, please let me know.
If not, then the issue would be the tag did not take into account this case. If this is actually the issue, do you think the tag place=island should be modified to include this case?


Can you edit you post to show how map looks like?

Is Browser cache - OpenStreetMap Wiki helpful?

For me Relation: ‪Cù Lao Lợi Quan‬ (‪17292841‬) | OpenStreetMap shows as

There are no such requirements.

Silly me! I think you are right. I guess it has to do with the Browser cache then. Thanks!