Help with osmarender

I’ve been trying to run osmarender on downloaded sets of OSM data, and would appreciate a bit of advice. All running on a Windows XP machine with (only) 1 Gbyte memory. These are the issues I’m currently wrestling with:

XALAN. I’ve succeeded in generating usable SVG files with xmlstarlet, but get smaller files with no displayed data when I use xalan. Any ideas about why I’m not getting results with xalan?

Rendering Time. For OSM datasets much over 250 kbytes (sorry don’t have numbers of nodes/ways to hand), the xmlstarlet takes an age with to render layer 17 as SVG. Is there anything I can do about this?

Rendering Routes. My primary goal in doing this was to try changing or adding rendering rules for particular features which I would like to have but which are not currently rendered (or rendered regularly). The one I’m currently interested in is route relations. I thought that by changing the setting in the rendering rules osm-map-features-z17.xml from the subversion repository) to showRelationRoute=“yes” that I might obtain rendered output of one of the National Cycle Routes as on the OpenCycleMap (I have a very small extract which features an NCN route and a couple of bus route relations which I have entered). However, I just get the same SVG file as without this rule set to “yes”. What am I missing? Is there something else to change? Is there another set of rendering rules which I could use? What’s the quickest way to do this with layers other than 17?


I’ve not tried it, but if you search osm-map-features-z17.xml for

you will find all the code for rendering them commented out. You could try removing the comment markers at the top () of the section to see if that makes a difference. It’s at about line 3078 on the version I just got out of svn.

Fantastic Ed. I knew I’d missed something glaringly obvious! Once the comments are removed I imagine I can cut & paste to the other rendering rule files!

Well I’ve cracked most of my rendering issues now, but seem to have run into problems with Coastlines. I know others have queried this in the past, and the wiki suggests that its a problem with holes in the coastline. I am not using the close-loops script. I’ve tried various islands from around the UK and encounter the same rendering problem with parts of inland areas being rendered as sea. They can’t all have gaps in the coastline. I’ve also tried merging the ways on one or two of them.

So I created a very small OSM file with two simple closed loops tagged natural=coastline, one directed clockwise, the other anti-clockwise both get flood filled with osmarender at level 12. Seems like a bug to me.

Any suggestions? Or is there some other magic in the close-loops script?

I have the same problem. I’ve deleted the comment markers and set showRelationRoute=“yes” but the route still doesn’t show. Am I missing something else? I’m using xmlstarlet.


Just bumping this.

Doesn’t anyone render relations in osmarender?